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Advanced Excel for Data Analytics

Take the Advanced Excel for Data Analytics course from Analystmate Academy to start your road towards data mastery. Develop your analytical abilities by learning about sophisticated functions, data visualisation, and optimisation strategies. Discover how to use Excel to turn unstructured data into insightful knowledge. Come succeed in analytics with us!

The Advanced Excel for Data Analytics course from Analystmate Academy will help you unleash the potential of data. Gain expertise in pivot tables, data visualisation, advanced Excel operations, and other areas to boost your analytical abilities. With the help of our extensive programme, you may use data to make strategic decisions regardless of your level of experience. Come work with us to advance your career chances and succeed in data analytics.


The Advanced Excel for Data Analytics course from Analystmate Academy will help you unleash the potential of data. Designed with both novices and experts in mind, this extensive course explores the nuances of Excel's more complex functions and formulae. Gain proficiency in data manipulation and analysis while grasping the fundamentals of visualisation and interpretation.

Since no prior expertise is needed, anyone can enrol in the course. As you advance, you'll acquire priceless abilities that apply to a variety of sectors and enable you to make deft decisions based on insights gleaned from data. The Advanced Excel course from Analystmate Academy will help you become more proficient in data analytics and expand your professional toolkit. Take a step towards a future that is data-centric by beginning your journey now.


  • Introducing Microsoft Excel
  • Data entry: Click, type, edit. Undo/redo mistakes!
  • Work with Sheets: Add, rename, delete, move.
  • Select like a pro: Single cells, ranges, rows, columns.
  • Cut, copy, paste: Spread data like butter.
  • Row & column wrangling: Insert, delete, move, hide.
  • Cell makeovers: Resize, style, format, borders, shades.
  • Format painter: Copy-paste styles in a flash.

  • Cells: Enter, edit, select, copy, move, add, delete.
  • Text: Align, rotate, wrap for tidy display.
  • Merge: Combine cells for bigger impact.
  • Numbers & Dates: Dress them up with formats.
  • De-Dupe: Say goodbye to doubles.
  • Go To Special: Find cells hiding in plain sight.
  • Data Grab & Shape: Import, transform, conquer!
  • Consolidate: Unite data from far and wide.

  • Find it: Built-in, online, or homemade.
  • Use it: Fill, edit, adapt as needed.
  • Benefits: Save time, ensure consistency, boost accuracy.
  • Pro tips: Build your own, automate tasks, explore add-ins.

  • AutoSum & Fill: Magic buttons for totals.
  • Clear: Poof! Content or formatting gone.
  • Flash Fill: Detects patterns, fills data like magic.
  • Wildcards: Find & replace anything with special symbols.
  • Find & Replace: Search and swap text easily.
  • Sort: Organize data in a blink.
  • Filter: Focus on what matters, hide the rest.
  • Text to Columns: Split text into separate columns.
  • Paste Special: Choose what gets pasted, values or fancy formatting.
  • Group & Outline: Collapse and expand data like a tree.

  • Illustration Group: Pictures, shapes, SmartArt, screenshots for visual flair.
  • Drawing Tools: Style, fill, outline, effects to beautify your objects.
  • Insert Tab Bonus: Tables, charts, links, text boxes, symbols - add anything!

  • Insert Function: Search and insert built-in functions into cells.
  • Name Manager: Create and manage named ranges for easier referencing.
  • Formula Auditing:

  • Trace and audit formulas for error detection and understanding relationships.
  • Trace Precedents: Show cells referenced in the formula.
  • Trace Dependents: Show cells dependent on the formula.
  • Error Checking: Detect and highlight formula errors.
  • Evaluate Formula: Step through the evaluation of a formula for better understanding.

  • Reference styles in Excel.
  • Relative Reference: Adjusts based on the formula cell's position when copied.
  • Absolute Reference: Remains fixed when the formula is copied.
  • Mixed Reference: Fixes either the column (e.g., $A1) or the row (e.g., A$1).

  • Highlight Cells Rules: Emphasize cells based on specified criteria.
  • Top Bottom Rules: Highlight highest or lowest values in a range.
  • Data Bar: Visualize values with dynamic bar lengths.
  • Color Scales: Apply color gradients for quick value comparison.
  • Icon Sets: Use icons to represent data levels or statuses.
  • Conditional Formatting using Formulas: Create custom formatting based on specific formulas.

  • Proofing: catches typos, suggests synonyms, and checks grammar.
  • Comments: let you leave notes and collaborate with others.
  • Changes: tracks edit and reveals who did what, when.
  • Protection: safeguards your sheets and workbooks from unauthorized changes.
  • Accessibility: makes your documents usable for everyone.

  • Macros: record, run, edit, and automate tasks.
  • VBA: write powerful code for custom functions.
  • Controls: add buttons, lists, etc. to interact with data.
  • XML: import and export data in a structured format.
  • Extending functionality: add-ins and COM to boost Excel's capabilities.

  • Record actions: Turn repetitive tasks into scripts (even without coding).
  • Code custom scripts: For complex automation, write TypeScript code.
  • Run and schedule scripts: Automate everyday tasks and save time.
  • Connect to other tools: Trigger scripts from Power Automate flows.

  • General (startup, appearance, save format, accessibility).
  • Formulas (calculation, error handling, formula display).
  • Data (external connections, refresh, validation, fill, sorting).
  • Proofing (spelling, grammar, AutoCorrect, language).
  • Save (auto-save, file format, recovery).
  • Advanced (editing, display, printing, formulas, content, privacy).
  • Customize Ribbon (personalize ribbon tabs and commands).
  • Quick Access Toolbar (add frequently used commands).
  • Add-Ins (manage extensions).
  • Trust Center (security, privacy, macro settings).

  • Views: Switch between Normal, Page Layout, & custom versions.
  • Show/Hide: Gridlines, Headings, Formula Bar, etc.
  • Zoom: Magnify worksheet for better viewing.
  • Window: Split panes, freeze rows/columns, open new windows.
  • Macros: Access and manage macros.
  • Customize: Save custom views, add options to Quick Access Toolbar.

Customer Reviews

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Sanjay Kapoor


"Best Teacher. Lavdeep made PowerBI understandable. Great learning experience and insightful tips. Highly appreciate the guidance."


Pragati Mishra


"Excel Guru. Lavdeep saved me multiple times with quick and helpful solutions to Excel formula queries."


Aman Gupta


"Excel Formula Expert. Lavdeep solved my Excel formula issue in just 10 minutes. Great job!"

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  • 📈 Career Boost: Aiming for a significant salary increase (50%-200%) by transitioning to a high-demand IT field, specifically Data or Business Analyst.
  • 💼 Zero-to-Hero Path: Want to become a "Data Analyst or Business Analyst "without prior data analytics experience."
  • 💡 Live Mentor Access : Seek personalized guidance and master Excel concepts through live Q&A sessions with industry experts live Q&A sessions with industry experts.
  • 🌐 Wishing to transition into the field of Data Science, particularly as a Data Analyst, to stay relevant and competitive in the evolving tech landscape.
  • 🖐️ Master advanced Excel : Want to gain hands-on experience using Excel Start by exploring the different features available, such as functions, formulas, and charts.
  • 🌟 Aim to build a Data Analytics -Job ready professional profile that opens doors to lucrative career opportunities in the IT sector

Meet your coach


Lavdeep, the Chief Mentor at Analystmate Academy, Situated in Greater Noida, Analystmate Academy offers comprehensive online training in data analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization.

He brings industry expertise honed at top corporations like Adobe, Info Edge, Mankind, Tata (TTSL), and Chrome DM.With nearly 9 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success, Lavdeep has helped over 100 people switch from non-IT careers to data analytics jobs.

Lavdeep is passionate about sharing his knowledge and empowering others with data skills. He spends his weekends conducting online Power BI and Excel training sessions, designed to be super-efficient and get you job-ready in the quickest time possible.

He is certified by Microsoft in Excel, Power BI, Azure, and Power Platform. He has also worked as a data analyst, MIS executive, business analyst, and Data Engineer, giving him a deep understanding of the data analytics field.

Lavdeep has received more than 100+ positive reviews across many learning platforms like Superprof, Urbanpro, and Teacheron.

Don't wait any longer to start your data analytics journey. Contact Lavdeep today for a free consultation!.

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Extensive Learning Toolkit: 40 hours of Live Classes with Recordings, 150+ Quizzes, 100+ Excel Assignments,.

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What is the duration of the course?

Course duration is 90 Days having all Live sessions. Every week 2 sessions.

What is the duration of the course?

Course duration is 90 Days having all Live sessions. Every week 2 sessions.

What is the duration of the course?

Course duration is 90 Days having all Live sessions. Every week 2 sessions.

What is the duration of the course?

Course duration is 90 Days having all Live sessions. Every week 2 sessions.